Goal and Objectives Targeted visitors

The goal of this site consists in sharing experiences of journeys in the world by giving practical information on the visited countries, by showing photographs of people met, of landscapes and historical monuments, and by dialoguing with acquaintances made during stays. No claim of universality nor of exhaustiveness, it is the reality lived with the meeting of the others.

This site is addressed to a public of travellers before their departure, to a public curious about the distant countries and cultures different from ours, to trekkers for advice on the equipment recommended for the country of their destination, to homecar-drivers for the administrative and economic conditions of stay in a country, finally to any public looking for adventure.

The calling card of the author

Born in France, an the 10/08/1940 in Troyes, Champagne , I studied in a business school in Rheims and in Paris and at the university of Paris. I was a manager in charge of the organization,  the data processing and the telecommunications department in a firm.
Military service in Germany after the School of Cavalry Officers in Saumur is the origin of my taste for travelling and for meeting other people.

I spent my vacation visiting countries at the origin of Western and Eastern civilizations. That is Near, Middle and Far East and then Americas, Africa. They were package tours or treks. About thirty countries visited in about fifty journeys.

The challenge

Reaching the age of retirement it was of primary importance to find a new raison d'être. The first years were occupied with making an inventory of the past in order to assess it and to rebound towards new challenges :

  • Going round the world as on one's own in a homecar with no time limit.

It is not necessary to be locked up in the belonging to a nation. The contact with others helps to define one's own identity. Everyone is a stranger.

« Calme, en avant, droit. »

Général L'Hotte