-- From 2016/01/11 to 2016/01/17
-- From Cusco to Cusco via Machu Picchu

The GPS road tacklog
from Cusco to Cusco via Machu Picchu
from 2016/01/11 au 2016/01/17


On Monday, January 11th as of 8:30 I travelled by a taxi to Plaza de Armas. It had rained all during the night and the sky was still covered with clouds. At Dicetur/Cosituc I bought the boleto turistico as well as the circuito religiso. I walked in the city between 3400 and 3600 meters high; it was a true challenge. But alas great was my disappointment in all the visited sites No Photo, and the cerberi were damned vigilant. Furnishing, sculptures, tables, frescos and altars of the churches are of any beauty. Moreover Google and Wikipedia do not present any photo of interior. I gave up seeing the museums not registered in Boleto and in circuito. The photos of the gallery-Cusco-1 are as a consequence of outsides. The day remained gloomy. I returned to the camp-ground of very bad mood against the municipal officials of the city refusing that tourists take pictures knowing that extranjeros pay a very high tariff.

Visite de Cusco-1, click the picture

Plaza de Armas 9:00 am

Aguas Calientes

On Tuesday, January 12th I left the Quinta Lala campground to go to Aguas Calientes by traversing the Sacred Valley crossing the villages of Pisaq, Ollantaytambo which I will visit back to Cusco. The road is asphalted up to Santa Maria then becomes a ground track in rather bad condition during several kilometers while passing under the vault of a cliff. Sometimes the crossing of the vehicles require vigilance. From Santa Teresa the track crosses several bridges to reach Hidroelectrica where I left my truck in a carpark located at approximately 150 meters on the line after the bridge. Then the train station is at five minutes of walk on foot. I caught the train of 14:50 for Aguas Calientes where I went down in Los Caminantes Hotel recommended by Lonely Planet. Then I bought the bus ticket to go the following day to Machu Picchu as well as the ticket of entry of the site. I visited the city under the sun before returning to the hotel.

Machu Picchu Pueblo, click the picture

Parqueadero, Hidroélectrica

On Wednesday, January 13rd I took the first bus for Machu Picchu at 5:30 a.m. in the rain. While arriving at the entrance of site a compact crowd always expected the opening at 6:00 in the rain and in the clouds. For the description of Machu Picchu to follow the bond here. It is interdict to use sticks of excursion. I had not taken mine. On the other hand I noticed that some tourists had one. I bitterly regretted not having taken mine. It was a painful trip in the raining slipping staircases. Harassed I gave up the site around 10:30 to be back to Aguas Calientes around 11:00, always in the rain.

Machu Picchu, click the picture


Aguas Calientes, click the picture



On Thursday, January 14th I took the train at 6:55 a.m. right in front of the hotel Los Caminantes for Hidroelectrica where I arrived at 7:30. After having put my truck in functioning order I left for Santa Teresa where I sought a Taller de Llantas to repair a more puncture, this time of the right back wheel. The repairer pointed out me that the threading of the pins as well as bolts were damaged, of whom it fault! Only the left back wheel never had puncture. During the change of tire I could note the state of the pins and determine the responsibilities. As with the outward journey I crossed a wood bridge, very slowly, because the announced limit is 3 tons. I continued my way up to the archeological site of Ollantaytambo which I visited after lunching. Then I begun again the road with the intention to visit Salineras as bivouacking there. At the exit of the village of Urubamba I was passed by a Man truck of a Swiss couple of whom I had become acquainted at the Quinta Lala campground in Cusco because I had seen their vehicle in Chavin de Huantar. I followed them up to Salineras which salt works are exploited since the INCA time.

Sacred Valley, back to Cusco, click the picture


Ollantaytambo, click the picture


Salineras, click the picture


Renate & Bruno

After the visit of Salineras Renate & Bruno invited me to dine and gave me much useful information for Bolivia, Brazil and French Guiana as well as alternate roads in the event of delay or of impossibilities due to the bad weather in the rain season. Indeed they travel in South America since nearly twelve years.


Cusco, Quinta Lala

On Friday, January 15th accompanied by Renate & Bruno I visited the site of Moray which is composed of three immense funnels whose concentric circles were cultivated to profit from the different temperature on the successive levels as well as returned heat in the night by the supporting rocks. How the pre-Columbian people were brilliances engineers! I left my Swiss friends back to Cusco by stopping at Pisaq to visit the site after the departure of the tourist horde at the beginning of afternoon. Renate & Bruno left for Bolivia while stopping in Paz where they made me promise to go. I returned to the Quinta Lala campground to do the administrative job and to have rest during the weekend before entering Bolivia the next week.

Moray, click the picture


Pisaq, click the picture