-- From 2016/02/15 to 2016/02/17
-- From San José de Chiquitos to the border Paraguay

The GPS road tacklog
from San José de Chiquitos to the border Paraguay
from 2016/02/15 au 2016/02/17


On Monday, February 15th I went to the tourist office in San José de Chiquitos to use WiFi connection. But alas the connection did not function. After intervention of a person of the Office, the conclusion was any possible connection. Consequently I continued my way towards Santa Cruz. The road is asphalted and in very good state. I arrived at Cotoca to fill the tank with diesel fuel and downtown I sought a cybercafé. Bingo, I found one of them who agreed to disconnect a Internet cable from a computer to connect it to my laptop. I can thus to consult my mailbox and to publish the pages of my website. In Santa Cruz I made supply in food in Hipermaxi before leaving Bolivia. I again carried on my way to my bivouac in Ipita at the edge of the lake.


On Tuesday, February 16th on the way to the border of Paraguay, I informed myself near the police stations, many on this road, of the border post to enter to Paraguay; there was the unanimity for Villamontes by excluding Villazon at Boyuibe formally, that I had chosen like nearer to Santa Cruz. Indeed Villamontes lengthens the road of +100km. I thus moved towards the bivouac used before 6 km away from Villamontes. From San José de Chiquitos I had carried out 716 km in two days… Here the temperature is of 40°C to the shade.


On Wednesday, February 17th with one day in advance on the expiry of the 30 day Visa, I took the ruta #11 for the border with Paraguay. It is asphalted during approximately 23 km then an overland route with large very dangerous fine gravels at the time of the crossings of other vehicles extremely rare. Finally before Ibibobo a asphalted section to the border where I arrived around 10:30, the continuation to see the crossing of frontiers.

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I left Bolivia with 40°C. look at the border crossing, here