-- From 2016/11/25 to 2016/11/30
-- From Ushuaia to the border AR/CL

The GPS road tacklog
from Ushuaia to the border
from 2016/11/25 au 2016/11/30

Canal Beagle

After the unloading from Sea-Spirit on November 25th at 8:45 a minibus led me to the FreeStyleAdventure Travel agency where I found Gabriel who gave me the key of the parking where my truck had remained 21 days. Then I used Wifi connection enough low-speed to publish the pages of my website concerning the voyage in the Antarctic. I remained more than six hours in front of my computer! Finally I found again my bivouac at Playa Larga.

On Saturday the 26th /11 after food purchases at Carrefour market I returned for the last time to FreeStyleAdventure Travel where I remained until midday to finalize the publication of my website, to send emails and to make a rapid French press review. Then I moved towards the Beagle Channel by the Ea. Haberton track to bivouac at the edge of water.

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Beagle Canal

Cabo San Pablo

On Sunday, November 27th I made a detour to see the wreck of Desdemona in Cabo San Pedro by taking the track RC "A" at 1.5 km from the source of water on the RN #3. While arriving I met a French couple with whom I exchanged information.

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Track RC "A" Epave du Desdemona

Rio Grande

On Monday, November 28th was a small driving morning to go to Rio Grande. But it was one bank holiday, Sovereignty of Argentina Holiday. I spent a long moment at the cafeteria of YPF gas-station to use intermittent Wifi connection, consultation of my mailbox, press review etc. I returned to my bivouac of the 30/10 at the northern city entrance opposite the sea with a violent ground wind. Around 13:00 French friends, met in Bogota one year ago, struck at my door, what a surprised! They offered the coffee to me during a long information and experience sharing.

img img
Track RC "A" Bivouac Rio Grande

San Sebastian

On Tuesday, November 29th I spent the morning at Mercedes-Benz on standby of the delivery of my truck after the periodic revision. I recovered it at 13:00. Then after frugal a lunch I moved towards San Sebastian, border post, where I bivouacked as one month ago day for day. For two days a strong wind swiped the Earth of Fire getting the progression wavering on the road.

Bivouac, on seashore

Crossing the border

I left Argentina on Wednesday at San Sebastian, 4 meters high. Look at Crossing the border, here