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Mauritania :
-- Two days on road and track from Senegal to Morocco

The border of Mauritania was crossed at the Diama dam in the north of Saint-Louis. The formalities were one nothing niggling by police. On the other hand, the customs officer dispatched his task promptly.  An employee took a fee for the commune, against a receipt.
The track on a dam along the Senegal river led to the town of Rosso.






In green
The asphalt road from Rosso to Nouakchott




Road from Rosso to Nouakchott




Mauritanian landscape




Bivouac at the foot of a dune






In green
The new road from Nouakchott to the border
Partly asphalt road
Partly side track to road in work



Track from Nouakchott to Bou Lanouar





Asphalted road




The way out of Mauritania was carried out with a few tens kilometres in the north of Nouâdhibou, then the entry in Morocco at the village of Guergarat. The mileage travelled in Mauritania was of 1,310 km in two days for 80% on tarred roads and 20% on very bad tracks.

Tétouan, the 2005/03/20

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