It is the description of the vehicle, its installations, its technical equipment, the producer.
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Chassis by MAN

At MAN in Bourg-en-Bresse

At Christophe in Maurupt-le-Montois

At UNICAT in Dettenheim

Mechanical base: MAN
Type         : 18.285 LAK 4X4 [ L90P14K2P ]
Wheelbase: 3900

Engine: Type D0836LFL03 EURO3
6 cylinders inline turbo diesel with intercooler
Rated output - 206KW/280ch at 2400rpm
Rated torque - 1100 Nm at 1400-1700rpm

ZF 16S, manual box with reducer
Transfer case G 1000-2

Front & rear axle:
All drive engageable
Differential locks for front & rear axles

ABS brake system
Tires -14.00 R20 XZL Michelin tubeless
Two spare wheels

Fuel tanks:
Two fuel tanks, total capacity 600 litres
Double fuel filter with water separator and pre-heating

Integrated air-condition
Air suspended and heating driver and passenger seats
MAN CD radio

Electric circuit:
Electric cut batteries
Electronic lock starting

The MAN chassis was taking delivery at MAN in Bresse-en-Bresse on the 14/05/2004. I convoyed it at UNICAT with a stop at my Christophe nephew in Maurupt-le-Montois where I spent a pleasant weekend.
On Monday 17 May, I took the motorway to go to UNICAT in Dettenheim close to Karlsruhe.

Body unit by UNICAT

Body unit blueprint:
Hyperlink to CAD .pdf file.
To consult this file you have to install: Adobe Reader.
Access between the driver cab and the body unit.

External dimensions:
Length 7114 mm, width 2480 mm, height 3500 mm
Interior dimensions except garage:
Length 4500 mm, width 2360 mm, height 1950 mm
Gross weight:
PTAC 11990 Kg

Living room:
Table on pedestal
Convertible into bed bench
Desk for computer
Radio, 6 CD charger
Sanitary room:
Sealand toilet with porcelain basin
Stainless steel wash-hand basin
Interior and external shower
Plan of kitchen in Varicor
Hinged scheme of work
Diesel cooker Wallas
Refrigerator 80l and freezer 5l
Bedroom :
Synthetic base of bed
Bultex mattress 1400x2000x140 mm
Higher cupboards
Big wardrobes
Carry-bicycles for two bikes
Fixing of the two spare wheels
Eurobacs storage 600x400 mm

Technical equipment:
Four batteries 12V 210 Ah
International battery shore charger
Six solar panels, 55W each
Inverter 24V 230 V AC 50Hz 800 W
Diesel Fisher Panda generator 4,3 KW/5,1KVA
Water supply:
400 litres drinking water tank
Drinking water Seagull IV-X1 filter
80 litres grey water tank
50 litres black water tank
Diesel heating Webasto Thermo 90S
Boiler of 22 litres
Decorative radiator in the living room
Dries towel radiator in the bathroom
Air conditioning:
Compressor 4000W, 230V

Volets extérieurs:
Protection contre la chaleur, le froid et l'intrusion

At UNICAT in Dettenheim, 31/07/04

At UNICAT in Dettenheim, 06/09/04

At UNICAT in Dettenheim, 06/10/04

At UNICAT in Dettenheim, 08/11/04

At UNICAT in Dettenheim, 09/12/04

At Nouvel'Air in Dieppe, 13/01/05

The campervan was delivered by UNICAT the 08/11/2004. I spent one week in training to be able to ensure the first level of maintenance during "the Globe" around the world.
The vehicle is approved by the DRIRE of Toulon ion November 25th.
The green card is obtain on December 3rd with the number : 604 AXF 83

Neuilly, on 2003/07/13